Maddy Savage


Former BBC radio anchor Maddy Savage fell in love with Scandinavia when her first foreign assignment took her to Gothenburg ten years ago.

She relocated to Sweden’s capital, Stockholm, in 2014, where she now works as a freelance journalist acheter viagra pour homme.

Passionate about her adopted home, she created The Stockholmer podcast to showcase the most inspiring voices emerging from the city’s creative, tech, food and wellness scenes.

When she’s not busy chasing story ideas, you’ll find Maddy running around the city’s 14 islands, watching Nordic Noir or searching for Stockholm’s best cinnamon bun.

The Stockholmer family

Inspiring Stockholmers (and a few global contributors) working and volunteering behind-the-scenes on the show include Benoit Derrier (sound production), Richard Stevens (logo design), Hype United (PR), Diego Planas Rego (digital marketing) and Anna Gustafsson (photography). We would like to thank Simian Ghost for giving permission to use their track Youth as our title music.

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