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October 10, 2017

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Anette Nordvall is one of Stockholm’s most influential Angel investors, as part of the investment network Stoaf. Among The Stockholmer’s most opinionated interviewees so far, she’s not impressed by the sheer volume of people in Stockholm who describe themselves as an “entrepreneur”, but she’s on a mission to share her money with the innovators she truly believes could disrupt the future.

In this episode Anette answers questions including:

  • How did you get into business having hated maths at school?
  • What made you refocus on investing in other companies, instead of just your own?
  • How do you decide which companies to invest in?
  • You have a problem with too many people calling themselves an “entrepreneur”, why?
  • You’re in your 50s and you’ve had a strong career. Why are you still working so hard when you could perhaps be relaxing in Stockholm’s archipelago? What drives you?

Our favourite quote from Anette:

You need to have the guts. Ice cold decision-making. And then be proud of what you have decided to do and then just do it with an absolute passion.

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