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October 17, 2017

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Christian Dahlström overcame a number of mental health problems in his twenties and wanted to help others do the same. His first book ‘Panic Anxiety and Depression’ is a bestseller in Sweden, offering tips to readers and providing an accessible overview of medical literature. He’s gone on to make a living as a motivational speaker, write a memoir and host Sweden’s top podcast on mental health, Sinnessjukt.

In this episode Christian answers questions including:

  • How did your own mental health problems affect your work, lifestyle and relationships?
  • Why did you feel there was a gap in the literature available to those with mental health problems?
  • How much can people influence their own mental health?
  • Mental health problems can run in families. How did you feel about becoming a father recently?
  • How hard is it to talk about mental health all the time and be someone that others lean on?

Our favourite quote from Christian:

“My heart started to beat very fast and hard and I was sweating and you know I felt like I was going to die. But eventually I got better and now I’m fully recovered.”

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