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November 14, 2017

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Sandra Hindskog is the co-founder of both Tjejer kodar, which runs coding camps for women in cities including Stockholm, Berlin and Barcelona, and Technigo – a pop up tech school for men and women based in the Swedish capital. Sandra has previously been listed as one of Sweden’s most inspiring 100 female role models by the Nordic newspaper Expressen and named by Elle Sweden as among the most powerful women in tech.

In this episode Sandra answers questions including:

  • Why did you choose an office in the forest?
  • How easy is it to pick up coding?
  • What are the common mistakes people make when they first start coding?
  • How can more women be encouraged to learn programing?
  • What are your long-term business goals?

Our favourite quote from Sandra:

“We try to remove all of these narrow, stereotypical images and really bring out the fun and creative parts of coding.”

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